Why Vinyl Siding?

Exceptional  beauty, durability, maintenance freedom and value - no wonder vinyl  siding is the No.1 exterior cladding across Canada and the United  States. When you compare vinyl siding to fiber cement, you'll see why it  stands above all as the premier choice. Get the facts! Today's vinyl  siding is better than ever. 

Quality construction and easy-care features require  minimal upkeep. Each panel is solid colour throughout, so it won't chip,  flake and blister like painted surfaces. And unlike wood, it won't rot  and warp due to moisture.

Simple Upkeep
Dramatically reduce your exterior maintenance because  it never needs to be painted. Just rinse occasionally with a garden hose  to remove most airborne dust and dirt and restore your siding's  like-new beauty.

Investing in Your Home
Not only will it create an enjoyable, worry-free exterior, but  will heighten your home's curb appeal as well. And in today's market, a  beautiful, low-maintenance finish can greatly enhance the value of your  home.

Detailed Estimates

We take measurements on site to make sure your estimate is as accurate and detailed as possible. With samples and colour swatches you can be sure the finished product is exactly what you were expecting.